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Home is Rotterdam. I have lived in this city longer than any other, more than 25 years.  I have lived in the Netherlands longer than anywhere else, more than 30 years. This is where I got married, raised two children, and will watch them both leave soon. Who is to say where that will lead to next, but for now, Rotterdam is home.

Please keep in mind that this site is new and I will be building it article by article in my spare time. So, if you have a suggestion then simply head over to the contact part of this site.


While Rotterdam’s history is almost 700 years old it is the last world war that changed the city’s feel, look and outlook in 13 minutes on May 10th 1940.  Will publish articles here related to the last war, but more focus will be on Rotterdam today, things to do, where to eat, where to meet, etc…

General Information Netherlands

Will discuss a range of items on Dutch politics, the local school systems, the inability of the Dutch to drive with the exception of Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen, the ubiquitous BNers (the Dutch codeword for celebrities) being on just about every bad television format you can think of, the language, the overachieving football capabilities of both the men and the women’s teams(I’m also one of the 17 million national coaches…for both teams) and much more….

Travel in the Netherlands

You will find ideas here on traveling everywhere in the Netherlands, except on Amsterdam.  Please do not misunderstand my intentions, as I like Amsterdam.  I lived there for almost three years. You simply can find tons of sites on what to do in Amsterdam all over the internet, just not here.  

Road to Freedom

With the 75th anniversaries raining all around us I will focus here on the events from the last world war that shaped Rotterdam, the Netherlands and also the path the allies took starting with the D-Day invasion in Normandy.  I am by no means an expert on this subject so we will be learning together.